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Greetings from Mpower ASCERT Institute...

The company was founded by two experienced and driven facilitators who have a passion for training and the improvement of people and their situation, using practical knowledge and a legion of valuable skills. Here at Advanced Skill and Core Elevation Research and Training (ASCERT) Institute we provide a variety of training services, focusing primarily on human resource development. ASCERT conducts training based on requirements of target groups after extensive and intensive research, designing and delivering earmarking training programs. A team of messianic professionals with vast experience in various industries cater to the changing demands of local and global workforce. 

At ASCERT Institute, we create innovative strategies that target reformative action at every level. From students to professionals, quality training methods are necessary to thrive in a competitive environment.

We sparked a revolutionary approach through holistic education, preparing candidates to embark on an exciting journey. Our tailor-made programs are a result of extensive & intensive research in value added education, inculcating lessons that will transform workplaces for the better. 

By immersing ourselves in the pursuit of sociopolitical and economic advancements, we realize the diverse needs of target groups and the scope for cumulative adaptive measures. Prosperous impacts through equity and a sincere obligation towards the betterment of each other, our programs continue to challenge candidates worldwide.

We are responsible for the inculcation of powerful lessons carved out of in-depth research on workforce management and ethics. 


Our objective at ASCERT Institute is to provide high level training programs for students of all ages, professionals and aspiring professionals, the programs are intended to improve and enhance existing skills and abilities in individuals and groups. 


Our Mission is to deliver affordable human resource improvement services that will directly and immediately impact the lives of people and the economy of a place in an immensely positive way by identifying training requirements in all departments to create need based curriculum, Tailor made sessions to suit the requirements of each field will further specify training based on individual requirements.  


Our primary focus is a self-sufficient populous aware of existing powerful skills and abilities. We intend to phase ourselves out of this field once sustainable development has been created to ensure a continuous positive impact on future generations and the nation. We see a nation that has a more powerful, able, aware and skilled labor pool in the near future. we believe in the holistic education and leadership for tomorrow. By reaching out to the right sectors, we aim to empower a gradual progressive trend for a sustainable future.


From educators to artists and their marketing mantle, our team comprises of individuals with a brilliant vision that aligns with ours. We are in the process of identifying driven and innovative trainers that can help extend the program ensuring a consistent quality to all areas, once they prove their mettle they will be asked to take over from us. The steady success of this program in designated regions will provide long term employment for numerous people who will be required to execute various functions and continue the pure ethos of this organization. 

To collaborate with us send a resume to,

Prajam Resy Mannemplavan

email: mpowerascert@gmail.com

Phone: +91 702 531 1081

              +91 702 531 1061​

              +91 9500 305 996

Core Values we breathe:

  • Supporting positive growth in individuals and the nation

  • Delivering results to make a real difference

  • Sharing knowledge and skills

  • Ensuring success with integrity

  • Transparent objectives

  • Leading with openness and optimism

  • Enforcing equality through embracing individuality

Motto: Visualize, Endeavour, Triumph

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