A wonderful podcast for literary enthusiasts; "The history of literature" on Spotify.

Literature has a major influence on almost every aspect of life. Historians, literary enthusiasts and archaeologists have recovered and maintained some of the most pivotal literary works of the past. With precision and purpose, the collection of literature available across all languages are preserved with a collective effort in safeguarding humanity and the secrets to unknown realms of thought.

Studying literature, whether in English, Malayalam or any other language is a noble pursuit that requires utmost dedication to the cause. It’s close to impossible to read up on everything that is in store for literary enthusiasts. However, major literary pieces are available upon inquisition either at art museums, libraries, bookstores or on the internet. If you are looking for something interesting to read, make it a point to match your interests with good literature. Reading can improve your vocabulary and knowledge of the world. Listening to good literature on the other hand, is equally a noble pursuit. One can find podcasts on lifestyle and entertainment, but rarely does a podcast on literature appear to fit the schedule.

As I was shuffling through the vast collection of music on the Spotify App, I came across a podcast called “The history of Literature. The host of this podcast was a literary enthusiast and author with the pen name Jacke Wilson. An American exploring the boundless expanse of literature available to the modern world, his calm demeanor and subtle humor is captivating. I’ve only gone 4 episodes into the podcast and find it absolutely worthwhile. The literary pieces selected are of great significance to cultural growth. Dating back to Homer’s Greek literature and the Hebrew bible in just the first few episodes, Jacke Wilson has some really interesting pointers on exploring renowned literature. One such text explored was an excerpt from "The Iliad and the Odyssey" by Homer.

When talking about the achievements of the historic figure Homer, Jacke Wilson explored the brilliance with which characters such as Odysseus were created. Owing to the exceptional writing style of Homer, an excerpt about protagonist Odysseus (Also referred to as Ulysses in English literature) bidding goddess Calypso goodbye, was read out during the fourth episode of this podcast. Bringing much joy to listeners, I found that the flair with which Jacke Wilson explores literature on the podcast rather intriguing. Having only read a small excerpt of the long piece by Homer, the encounter with Calypso was a revelation on its own. The text surrounds a brave warrior and his encounter with Greek gods, rough seas, ancient mythology and progresses as a fable on its own. The writing style is so efficient that the epic poem spans over 24 books by Homer, leaving readers glued to the adventurous tale of Odysseus. You can truly sense the cheerfulness and good nature of this pursuit.

Rekindling a sense of hope in the literary endeavor, a podcast titled “The history of Literature” is exactly what brings enthusiasts and listeners to notice a promise for the future of storytelling. Sometimes literature and its relevance can slowly fade out in society, depending on the education system, the choices of certain people and even the diversified ideologies that make up a society. Reviving brilliant literature can answer many tough questions and revamp a sense of urgency towards knowledge and understanding. Religion and its prominence is the perfect example of how literature shapes the transition of ideas within a society. Especially at a time where information is readily available in the palm of your hands, much regard must be given to good literature.

With over 200 episodes on Spotify, I find “the history of literature” a great effort at preserving and educating through the graceful finesse of literature. I’m excited to find out more about Jacke’s views on popular literary pieces and understand the relevance of stranger tales uncovered from the sands of time.

The content creator & author has a personal website that contains more information on his endeavor, blogs about various things and publicity surrounding his personal triumphs.

Visit his website at: www.jackewilson.com

If you want to listen to the podcast, you can find it on Spotify or find out more information on: www.historyofliterature.com

Having taken much interest to literature for both inspiration and clarity, you can bank on my word that this podcast is absolutely worth your time.

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