Animal protection workshop by Humane Society International, India

On February 16th 2020, Humane Society of India, (HSI) conducted a workshop on Animal Protection, calling for a voice for the voiceless beings that walk among us. By creating awareness about animal rights and activism, HSI spearheaded the presentation with ideas that united like minded individuals. The seminar was in a pursuit to encourage animal welfare.

Humane Society International (HSI) India is one of the largest non-profit animal protection organizations in the world working to protect all kinds of animals. HSI protects animals in laboratories, farm animals, companion animals, and wildlife. HSI has a record of achievements demonstrating dedication and effectiveness towards animal welfare. The workshop conducted at the YMCA auditorium in Calicut was a reminder of a united movement to build a more compassionate world. Compassion towards other living beings is both rewarding and courageous in a world that could only thrive off the added value.

Animal welfare has been a subject discussed worldwide, to bring people closer and create a sense of responsibility. While the livestock industry is largely a contributor to greenhouse gases, the industry is also known to cause animal abuse. Poultry and meat is a large portion of food and cuisine everywhere, thereby making it harder to take a stand against the giants that are responsible for the ill treatment and slaughter of animals. It is very easy to mistake a living and breathing animal for an object to be consumed as many people benefit off the livestock industry. While most people fear stepping into the light to talk about animal cruelty in the livestock industry, activists at HSI, India are responsible for much more than just voicing their opinion for animal welfare. HSI has pioneered great work in the field of animal protection, from rescuing and protecting stray animals to preserving wildlife biodiversity.

A group of animal welfare activists, animal rescuers, veterinarians and passionate advocates against animal cruelty, stepped up to the occasion and shared powerful ideas about conservation. The need for a harmonious approach towards stray animals was part of the conversation. Over 35 million stray animals live in India, estimates the World Health Organization (WHO). Stray animals are not cared for and do not get the attention they deserve in a populous country like India. The fear of taking responsibility of these creatures often weighs in as the largest contribution to diseases, unsanitary conditions and the lack of safety measures. The HSI presentation showed how a humane approach to the conditions of street animals and wildlife could not only instill an urgency for the right measures but a fulfilling populous compassionate towards other living beings.

Sally Varma, an HSI animal welfare activist took to the floor to share powerful stories that transformed the lives of abandoned animals. The audience was indulged in the numerous activities of Humane Society International in India. Astonishing stories of recovery, compassionate effort and a sincere obligation to the welfare of stray animals were discussed. The audience was informed of the cruelty that most creatures, whether stray or wildlife, faced at the hands of humans. Kerala alone has domesticated more than 700 elephants, tortured and used as souvenirs for human activity. Although it may contradict the idea of domestication, the cruelty that these sentient beings face at the mercy of humans is unbelievable. Wild elephants are creatures with great memory power and giant hearts. The domestication, separation and cruelty to elephants has led to a decline in the population of wild elephants across India. The pain that these beings go through to remain in captivity is that they undergo inhumane treatment. Addressing various issues like the captivity of elephants and zoo animals, Sally Varma went on to speak about the proper measures that endorsed animal rescue.

A professional animal rescuer and animal rights activist, Sally Varma had spoken of her rewarding experiences of over 15 years, saving poor creatures from the lethal clutches of death by human activity. The floor witnessed prominent veterinarian Dr. Vinod and snake rescuer Arun, speak of the immense value that these other species's bring to our lives. Discussions ranged from domestic animal produce and wildlife encounters that brought things into focus. A presentation on "First aid for animals" was an enlightening experience as Dr. Vinod took up issues like animal attacks and how to prevent them. The entire gathering had eventually concluded that the humane approach to wild or stray animals is the solution to preserving our common humanity.

In a country that reveres animals as symbols of the God's and their mercy towards mankind, animal welfare must be a top priority. After all, we are all living and breathing beings with the ability to understand hardships and provide comfort to the needy. On the other hand, most of us ignore that there is need for such compassion and empathy towards the cause. Such commonality is not only a fight against animal cruelty, but a powerful tool that could provide solutions to major world issues.

The issue of animal abuse, inhumane treatment and cruelty has led to the destruction of forests, bio-diversity and more importantly the soft corner we have in our hearts for other living beings. The subject of animal welfare must be a debate, a talk, a voice that resonates with a humble premise to take the right measures and defend these voiceless creatures. An interactive, thought stimulating and proactive session by HSI India had dedicated the best of animal welfare to create awareness and promote the commonalities we share with all the other beings on this planet. A powerful reminder of our responsibilities towards other beings on the planet, rung across the audience to engage a sense of hope that can transform lives. Animal welfare is among the top 5 major responsibilities as a human being.

Whether an animal lover or someone who knows very little about animal welfare, support the Humane Society International (HSI) and their efforts in making the world a better place, one life at a time. Visit the HSI India website to find out more of what they do and how you can be a fully involved team player in the fight against animal cruelty. Each of us can make a difference by making the right choice to step up and be a voice for the voiceless.

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