Anti-addiction awareness for Faculty at Amal Jyothi college.

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Mpower A.S.C.E.R.T. institute conducted the anti-addiction awareness camp for faculty at Amal Jyothi Engineering College, Kanjirapally. Faculty comprising of professors, deans and lecturers attended the training session that intended to create awareness about the dangers of drug abuse and addiction in colleges.

In an attempt to tackle the gruesome impacts of drugs and narcotics among the youth, Dr. Resy Mannemplavan kicked off the session with a daring move at the roles and responsibilities of educators in the lives of college students. The faculty of an institution are majority stakeholders in preventing the damaging effects of narcotics on a college environment. The program was designed and developed to create awareness and instill a sense of responsibility among chief stakeholders being the educators. It was evident that the dangers of drug abuse was very much a concern among the participants. Some pivotal questions that rose, were about how to handle such a dangerous situation. The key was in distinguishing between an at risk student and a student that is a risk.

Dr. Resy Mannemplavan, an educator for over three decades, took to the floor and inducted the discipline issues that arise due to erroneous judgement. A talking point of the entire discussion evolved to how safeguarding the future is a shared responsibility that required utmost thought and effort. The responses were wonderful. The faculty undertaking the program were quick to assert their stance on the topic of narcotics and drug abuse.

A rising concern among young people, the issue of drug abuse remains a threat to both society and individuals. An introduction to the legality and ways of approaching various situations were discussed at the Mpower A.S.C.E.R.T. training session. It was rewarding to witness the participation from a faculty that were very much indulged with the concern to prevent the malice of drugs and narcotics on the youth.

Rising concerns among the educators

Responsible for shaping the future, educators carry a huge part in preventing illegal substances from taking control over a child's life. Prone to substance abuse and narcotics during a student's formative years, the faculty of a college must build a strong bond of trust with students. A bond built on confidentiality will ensure that the lives of our youth are far from risks of drug abuse and addiction.

The anti-addiction and awareness camp by Mpower A.S.C.E.R.T. institute is a reminder of this shared responsibility to protect our future. By creating awareness about the issues of drug abuse and addiction, faculty are better prepared to tackle challenges they may come across during their tenure as educators.

Embracing a collective responsibility to safeguard the youth.

Guiding students along the right path to career advancement and goal setting may be challenging. Each student is unique and thereby requires focused attention to hone their abilities and thrive in a college setting. Amidst the rising tensions of drug abuse and illegal substances that make its way into college life, teachers and educators must be made aware of the immense value they can add to a students life. A collective responsibility to prevent erroneous judgement is necessary.

A teaching faculty must advocate for self-respect, self-esteem and overall development in a college student's life. Taking to the many issues that arise among youth, drug abuse and addiction were addressed as the evil that must be fought with love. With the intent to embrace a collective responsibility that protects our children, the solution that came up in the anti-addiction awareness campaign was to nurture a sense of togetherness and unity in college.

Amal Jyothi, a pioneering engineering institution in India has vowed to eradicate the menace of addiction and narcotics with methods that reassure discipline and safety among the students. The infrastructure on campus facilitates the development of a student to a future professional. Dedicated faculty have taken to the certificate induction training by Mpower A.S.C.E.R.T. institute well. Educators are to ensure that the safety of the students remains an ever sustainable motive of their institution.

Finding a common space to share mutual concerns, is a very helpful way of tackling the dangers of substance abuse. Securing the future of aspiring professionals and instilling a commitment to guide students along the way have been the ethos of educators worldwide.

We are here to furnish the idea that no child is deprived of the attention they need to grow. The collective goal is to secure the future of an able populous, aware of the many challenges and determined to strive towards greatness.

The awareness camp intends to create a self-confident approach to dealing with addiction and substance abuse among students and faculty everywhere. By identifying the role of educators in the lives of students, this powerful force will continue to protect the future of our youth.

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