Befriending the Social Philosophy of Governance is to look out for each other

All throughout history, a manipulation of instinctive humane characteristics that outlines survival has given rise to the social philosophy of governance. Such manipulation has given rise to ideologies such as communism, capitalism, socialism and democracy. Naturally, chief stakeholders of a national pride and of global union, people tend to believe that something foreign could be good enough for themselves. It must be understood that the search for longing beyond what harnesses your eccentricity is nothing but the lust of man. Faith is paramount when dedicating yourself to a cause larger than life itself. Exercising powerful ideas that involve numerous other individuals requires trust in yourself first. Have you ever stopped to wonder whether the foundation of your government had anything to do with you at all?

Remember, a system that you feed must feed you.

In simple terms, the conception of ideas is not as valuable as the tenacity with which ideas are generated. With any form of governance, there must be an obligation towards generating fresh ideas that can propel a vision for the future. If ideas can be generated, they must also be acknowledged. Scholars, priests and politicians spend hours on end, developing ideas generated by an able populace. Hence the popular notion of believing in each other. You may disagree with one another at varying points, ultimately to realize that a belief in each other remains stronger than a shared vision for the future. Hunting trophies all life leads to nothing more but finding the space in your heart, to showcase these achievements.

Assuming that ideas are allowed to grow like a culture of bacteria in a petri dish, ideas will continue to grow until all the resources are exhausted. This is where equality of access is a major concern. A united front for equal rights can work wonders if equal access to resources is the focal point. Equal rights should harvest ideas that decipher the human condition of wanting more than needed and yet never having enough. The lust of men can be defeated on one metric and it happens to be the common notion of believing in each other before a shared vision for the future.

“If men could foresee the future, they would still behave as they do now.”

Russian Proverb

A united front that can tackle any circumstance of the future is a noble pursuit but not the apt conclusion of social governance. When there is a structured government, the branding of ideas must also include an avenue for furnishing opportunities that generate newer ideas. The new ideas conceived must not be limited to inventing products or services but a restructuring of the very basis upon which governance was built. After all, it is only basic instinct of survival that is pitched as a loyal resource to fund a third party who is elected to represent my selfish needs. Faith in each other could pull people through a lifetime of bondage to crude ideologies, making way for a future built on mutual understanding.

It is necessary to keep informed with atrocities of the past against humanity. Acceptance to reality, requires thought out effort to ensure that the evils of past will not haunt generations to come. Accepting that there is far more at stake than simply ideas shows that a life to be lived beyond recorded history, requires bravery. In a nutshell, if there was too much to consider in the way of helping each other out in times of trouble, there must be something fundamentally wrong with the system. Survival of the fittest has another definition and it lies in the survival of ideas that can bring comfort to the adorning of a shared humanity.

When social media & technology has given people a voice that is stronger together, let us embrace a shared vision for the future by being there for each other. The "black lives matter" campaign should remind each of us how crooked people can be within a system built on mistrust. I believe that there is no room for racism in the future, it only slows down progress.

Some questions that I’ve found helpful are,

  1. If you were to sacrifice your identity to support the vision for a bigger picture, would you do it?

  2. If I am losing more than I gain, by pledging allegiance to something greater than my life itself, who decides its merit?

  3. Maybe, everything is built on manipulation and forgery. Does this mean that my intrinsic humane values are being questioned?

  4. Sometimes I am helpless. Does the lack of faith have something to do with what I have invested in somebody else?

  5. The future is always brighter. Is this because the pastures on the other side always seem greener?

  6. Acceptance is key. Do I have supreme control of what determines my position on the reality I face?

While one may not always have all the answers, it is essential to ponder the hidden treasures of what makes life beautiful.


“I don't want to live in the kind of world where we don't look out for each other. Not just the people that are close to us, but anybody who needs a helping hand. I can’t change the way anybody else thinks, or what they choose to do, but I can do my bit.”

Charles de Lint

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