Failure is the reminder of success

Working day shifts at a regular job can seem like a mundane task. Hours of studying a subject doesn't really guarantee good results on exams. Repetitive routines can get to working professionals and aspiring professionals rather quickly. Learning a new skill or spending time with family is undoubtedly affected by long work hours. It might seem like you are preoccupied all the time. It may be so, that the important goals in life are far away from expectations.

Even after all efforts, you may not witness the desired results. It is no cause to give up because something didn't pan out exactly as expected. Everything in life may not be as anticipated. There are only two choices, give up or keep trying.

"If you learn from defeat, you haven't really lost."

- Zig Ziglar

The problem with giving up is the immediate denial of furthering your goals. To give up means that you have eliminated all possibilities of achieving any result. To try again on the other hand, shows that you are willing to take what comes on your way to achieve a goal. Each time there remains a nagging sensation that you aren't doing enough, is when you actually step it up a notch.

Whether at school or at work, a common pattern exists to achieving your goals. The road may be filled with obstacles and many hurdles. There may be many ladders to climb before you get a crack at the top. You'll just have to jump right over these hurdles. The willingness to try harder is at the core of achieving success. A person on the road to success is bound to stumble and fall. The silver lining is in how many times you pick yourself up to stay on the right track.

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying."

- Michael Jordan

The workload from hectic routines at workplace can easily lead to stress. It might be really boring to finish up a book that's been lying around for a while because work is getting to you. You may want to finish up homework or even take your pet to the park but can't quite find the time. There may be so many unfinished tasks that require your attention. You may even feel like quitting your job because it drains you out. Remembering that goal setting is pivotal to achieving, ensures that you do not bat an eye in the face of troubles. Research shows that a simple time table can go a long way in improving overall productivity. It is your responsibility to organize priorities and elevate the enthusiasm. When you set a goal for yourself, you are creating a bigger picture. The big picture helps you plan better and nurture your goals in the right way. Planning brings you a step closer to desired results.

"A goal without a plan is just a wish."

- Jeff Rich

When applying for a desired job, it may take several tries before you land the right job. You may shuffle multiple organizations till you find bliss. It may take several rejections to realize your true potential. There might be many instances forcing you to give up on your pursuit. You may have failed multiple times before you found the joy in hard work. Worries will concern you when it seems like there is nothing left to give. However, effective planning will prove to be the working force behind achievements. There will always be times that redefine your priorities and reshape your goals. You will learn that the greatest lessons are from the many failures experienced.

With each failure, your knowledge expands, your experience mounts up and your power to persevere increases. Fear not for the spirit to strive for greatness. Greatness is achieved with the will to persevere towards a goal. Defining moments rise from the willingness to try again, fail, try again and learn from experiences. You are in charge of deciding how the failure to achieve your goal affects you. Pick yourself up, dust off the no's and tell yourself, "yes, I can!"

"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."

- Albert Einstein

A real winner considers failure as the stepping stone to success. The greatest speakers, the most influential people, successful entrepreneurs, have all been people who are adamant on winning. To be able to set goals and achieve them, one must step outside the fear of failure. Failure has the ability to rip your dreams right out of your hands. It requires consistent willpower and continuous optimism to take challenges head on. A successful person believes in his abilities even when the going gets tough. No matter how many times you are struck down by failure, you are bound to win if you do not stop trying.

Take on challenges and pursue your dreams courageously. The fear of failure is not an excuse. It is the fuel to your ambition. To make sure that your dreams become a fruitful reality, you must realize that you are the sole benefactor and the successful of planner of the outcome. Set the right tone with a careful plan to willfully dedicate yourself towards achieving your goals. There is no success without hardships. Hardships are in fact the foundation upon which your dreams take flight.

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