Gratitude; The greatest Weapon is within your reach

An idea is nurtured with the intent to witness favorable results. Abruptly stated, ingeniously crafted and mercilessly wielded as a weapon against the masses, propaganda such as democracy, communism or even capitalism require fuel. People are the fuel to ideologies that dictate living conditions in any civilization. The following text is a swift breakdown of a system that governs people, enforces politics and controls energy, deeply rooted in human nature. Each individual has the immense capability of executing a well-thought out plan. Throughout growing up, men and women are taught to play out a reality where a sense of purpose dictates the outcome of prosperity. Arguably, at varying phases of one’s life, parts of your character, certain abilities and inbuilt talents are brought to light. The more focused you are on any significant element of being, the more alive a purpose becomes. A sense of purpose and the idea of cumulative progress are deeply intertwined.

The fluctuating conditions of a general majority and their situation, has always demanded action and discourse from people elected to power. Without a doubt, the 21st century has indoctrinated a vast majority into consideration that policy makers are essential to sustainable civics. This statement is only as true as the living standards of a vast majority. What determines an effective policy if not for the people impacted by it the most? The truth is that if you are impacted by a political decision, you have every right to exercise an opinion on the matter. Towards the turn of a millennia that has witnessed immense technological advancement, many degrading socio-economic conditions have also risen. How far has any single ideal diminished inequality and brought justice to those in need? The answer lies in how each individual perceives progress that leads to prosperity. A collective effort towards bettering the lives of each other has always woven major historic achievements into reality. Even when the odds were against activism or freedom of speech, people stood together in the name of progress. The defining characteristics of socio-economic progress is at the hands of policy makers and citizens alike. It is more a reality today than ever, that public opinion is shaped by the average citizen and not just politicians. We are stronger together, but only until we can agree to a cause.

As rational beings, pivotal to the collective consciousness, each of us could argue for a policy that can change the lives of others. However, to determine what works best for ourselves, needs no argument. To fix the true value of a policy is to break the barriers set by an even larger idea of governance. Even if you consider the giant leaps mankind has taken in overthrowing monarchies and abolishing colonialism, many regimes exist to exercise unfair judgement upon people. One such problem often spoken of is the distribution of wealth and resources among people of a nation. Truly, one nation cannot depend on the strategy of another nation alone, as each environment possesses a unique set of people and its resources. In this context, culture is a powerful resource that adheres to a civic mentality, even more powerful than an urgency for wealth & fortune. People require a sense of belonging that can guide them through their ventures. Giant domains in the name of religion have risen to prominence, playing their hand in an attempt to demand loyalty of a people. Great men have stepped up into the light to reveal the kind of brilliance somebody could only imagine. Whether you believe in spirituality or simply like to play with ideas, reality is as congruent as the mantle of the Earth. Reality states that humanity’s achievements are only as much as the leverage over doctrines with a larger stake in public opinion than any single man gazing at the stars.

Considering the simple attributes of a sustainable civilization, common sense is enough as a resource. The need for food, clothing and shelter remains a paramount necessity among people of all nations. More important than the distribution of wealth is a sincere obligation towards equality. One can only vouch for equal rights if they believe in the necessity of a resourceful world. Fundamentally, humankind is wired to compete, to survive and strive. Humankind is also capable of empathy, compassion and good will. Equal opportunities would redefine the playground for generations to come, as a powerhouse of innovation not limited to baseless agenda but receptive to changing times and growing demands. A secondary attribute that is growing in all its might would be the requisites to attain knowledge. The situation that could separate poor governance and evil propaganda from good will and rationality is a proper education. When education becomes a public right, monopolies will have less control over a feedback mechanism to indoctrinate an able youth into talented advocates of a selfish idea.

Not long ago, a friend of mine pointed out that “reduction science” or "reductionism" is the evident cause of the misfortune people witness today. In philosophical terms, the cost of your thoughts is weighed against factors that give you a sense of enlightenment. In politics, the basis of your living standards is a direct result of attempts to control the flow of energy. A population rise witnessed over the last fifty years has resulted in an unequal distribution of resources, a byproduct of the higher demands for energy in certain sectors of the economy than others. A rising population, governed under the thesis that a drop in the people density would benefit the future of human civics might almost make sense, to those too busy to think. Shuffling between applications on a smartphone or between TV channels, one has no right to revolt against the very values that have refined civilization with purpose. In its true essence, a rising population and their needs is not to be sized down to suit the high demands of a lifestyle lived by few. A rising global population is to be accommodated with the resources that have given rise to inequalities in the first place. It is common knowledge that if all the land on earth was to be divided among the seven billion or so people inhabiting earth today, everyone would have a space for a roof over their heads at the very least. The deserts and rain-forests seem like a better idea than slums and refugee camps after all.

Today, energy has become the standard by which one could determine the strength of a civilization. The need for energy has skyrocketed since the beginning of structured economics. Fire, coal, electricity and oceanic currents are all forms of energy. Data science would imply that the current information age is a battle for supreme control over information about technology and markets that can manipulate the flow of energy. Civilization has become much easier to accept as a constant struggle between giants, where the ordinary people running a small business or working a monthly salary are left to benefit off the doubt. Yet, if a doubt exists, so does clarity. Whether you like it or not, each of us are chief stakeholder of the decisions that either allow growth or stunt progress. The ball rolls down to how one may observe sustainability, either as something that benefits everybody alike or something that few people can enjoy. Real courage emerges when the human race is perceived as one united front evolving with the times.

Regretting nothing within my control, the wars against a civilization are no longer the means by which we can dictate progress. A constant bombardment of newer ideas that align to a fundamental agenda of making holes in your pocket, does not imply that rational beings as we are, must bow down to the serpents of change. When Earth is all we have, is it only natural to protect the future from tyranny? How easy would it be to sell virtue for a sack of potatoes? Progress is hidden in the opportunity mankind has seen beyond the stars, when strides across the moon were first made. This drive is a derivative of our curiosity to explore other cultures and engage with people of other beliefs. Strongest is the voice of a people that would never let down, even when wars and famine had ravaged their lands. A sense of community remains stronger than warfare and corruption. After all, the littlest of pranks that Mother Nature plays, can tear down the very essence of our being in an unexpected calamity.

At the mercy of mankind, other creatures have sought compassion and found very little hope. At the mercy of a system, people have paid tribute to ideas, lasting a lifetime without a smile to cure their pain. At the mercy of our forefathers, generations have gone to war, only to realize that the war within is the greatest test.

Not for the lack of fresh ideas or the expectation of a brighter future has civilization delved into the natural tendency to burden an external source with its problems. In simple terms, ideas like democracy have just made citizens lazy. Socialism has enabled more ignorance. The very thought that we have a say in the life others lead, has gotten to our heads and laid us heavy. Remember, you are the chief stakeholder of every decision made to impact your life. Today, you have a considerable say the affairs of your community. To step up and rise to the occasion is a rewarding endeavor indeed. Our negligence today is the price our children pay tomorrow.

Aspire to leave a mark by doing good and remind yourself of the good people that are a part of your life. Amidst the growing demands and changing stipulations that outline a life well lived, people still suffer. Your kindness can end this suffering, not just for our fellow people but the other creatures that roam the Earth. Compassion and humility will keep the ball rolling, for those who see the wow we are destined to achieve. It isn’t really hard to look at the beauty of this world and be grateful for the very breath you take. The greatest weapon that exists is within your reach and it is called gratitude. Gratitude remains the bedrock to progress and prosperity because you are reminded of the road that led you thus far. To redefine progress for generations to come, each individual must triumph with ideals that determine direct participation in the affairs of your counterparts. Be caring, be compassionate and we can fight any battle together.

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